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Same day crowns and porcelain restorations

Wear and tear, breakage or other damage can mean that some teeth require major restoration if they are to look their best once more. At Malvern Dental and Smile Design, we utilise the latest CEREC™ technology rather than metal filling materials to create customised prosthetic teeth from strong, natural looking porcelain materials. These produce a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing outcome that is also highly durable.

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Benefits of Porcelain Crowns and Restorations

Save time

With a porcelain crown, you don’t need to have a temporary crown and then come back— it’s all done in one visit.

No metal fillings

With porcelain crowns there is no need for metal fillings, so you get greater durability and crowns that look natural.

Natural Appearance

You can smile with confidence knowing no-one can tell you are wearing a crown or have had restoration work done.

Durable and long lasting

Porcelain crowns are long lasting, so you don’t need repeated visits to the dentist or to continually pay for treatment.

Precise and predictable

CEREC™ technology utilises 3D imaging software to create fillings, crowns and bridges designed precisely for your mouth and teeth.

Quick recovery time

Only limited recovery time is required after having a same day crown treatment, and there is no special preparation required.

How it Works

3D Scan

On the day of your treatment, we start the process by using a 3D scanner to digitally design your porcelain restoration or crown.

Restoration Customisation

While you wait for our team to customise your restoration to achieve a natural and aesthetic result, you are welcome to use our plug-in hot desk to continue working, take business calls, or just relax in our lounge and enjoy the entertainment on offer.

Restoration Fitting

Once your restoration is completed, we will fit it in place for you. This is a no fuss procedure and is completed the same day, minimising the amount of downtime required.


After adding a porcelain crown to cracked, broken or heavily restored teeth, you can continue to smile with confidence. Not only will your smile look healthy and happy again, but your teeth will also be much stronger, and so unlikely to cause future problems from breaking down or splitting.

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We are a team with extensive experience, a commitment to excellence, and a sincere motivation to deliver personalised care. Our goal is to work with you to achieve the best oral health, the most beautiful and confident smile, and the most supportive dental experience possible.
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