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Our Hygiene Program

We are committed to providing you and your family with the highest standards of care possible. This means we work hard to ensure we are up to date with latest international best practice and in the type of support we provide our patients for maintaining oral hygiene and health.

That’s why we use Guided Biofilm Therapy, a special science-based protocol that uses airflow jets to disrupt biofilm, a primary cause of bad bacteria and poor oral health. This state of the art technology uses a disclosing powder which is applied to the teeth first so that we can see the extent and position of the biofilm before it is gently and safely removed with a warm (not cold) water spray and air. In this way, we are able to be more meticulous and achieve exceptional health and hygiene results for our patients.

GBT is the current gold standard when it comes to preventing oral disease, and is one of the reasons why we can achieve exceptional health and hygiene results for our patients.

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Benefits of Our Preventative Dentistry

Fresh Breath Program

Regular visits to our caring and experienced hygiene team for gentle and meticulous treatment will help you to maintain fresh breath.

Improved Self-Confidence

If your mouth is healthy and free from active disease, you have greater self-confidence in your smile and oral health.

Enhanced Oral Health

Early intervention and preventative dentistry will help prevent decay, bone disease, cracked teeth and other forms of unexpected pain or discomfort.

Save Time and Money

Our commitment to preventative dentistry means we work in partnership with you to find ways to limit future problems.

Protection for Your Teeth

We provide early interventions, such as fissure sealants, fitting mouthguards and nightguards, to protect your teeth for a lifetime.

Improved Appearance

Our preventative dentistry and hygiene programs mean your oral health is taken care of and your teeth look their best. An improved appearance makes us feel better about ourselves so we smile more too!

How it Works

Dental Examination

We start with a thorough examination and extensive consultation with Dr. Vadi about your needs, future goals and treatment options. All assessments, plans and treatment are recorded to ensure all your treatment goals are met over time.


This consultation will include an assessment of your teeth, jaws, muscles, bone health, gum health and other soft tissues. We may also undertake a myofunctional assessment and sleep assessment.


Part of the assessment may also include a smile analysis, as well as digital photography, radiographs, 3D imaging and/or 3D CBCT (cone beam computed tomography), as required.


Other preventative dentistry services we can provide and may recommend after your initial consultation include mouth guard fitting, fitting night guards for teeth grinding, and applying preventative fissure sealants.

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About Malvern Dental

We are a team with extensive experience, a commitment to excellence, and a sincere motivation to deliver personalised care. Our goal is to work with you to achieve the best oral health, the most beautiful and confident smile, and the most supportive dental experience possible.
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Our Dentists

Dr Vadi Vojdani
Principal Dentist
Lauren Collins
Dental Hygienist and Smile Whitening Consultant
Practice Manager and Patient Concierge
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