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What is Teeth Whitening?

At Malvern Dental and Smile Design, we offer a variety of teeth whitening treatments designed to produce stunning results that can be achieved quickly and easily, and which will revitalise your smile and restore your confidence.

Zoom™ Whitening can be a part of your cosmetic dentistry plan and will rapidly renew your smile. Treatments are performed at our clinic in conjunction with a take home whitening kit.

Boutique Whitening is a safe, easy-to-use teeth whitening treatment that you use at home and which produces brilliantly bright results in a matter of weeks.

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Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Whiten teeth by up to 8 shades

Zoom™ Whitening can brighten teeth as a one-off treatment, or as part of your dental health routine.

Rapid teeth whitening

A Zoom™ Whitening session can take as little as 60 minutes, so it’s convenient for even the busiest people.

Personalise your plan

We create personalised treatment plans that gives you the choice of treatment in our clinic or in your own home.

Whiten by day or by night

Choose By Day or By Night treatments, depending on your lifestyle and how quickly you want to achieve your optimum smile.

Whiten teeth of any colour

Boutique Whitening is effective on teeth on the yellow and white spectrum, as well as shades of brown or grey.

Natural looking bright smile

The Boutique Whitening teeth whitening process is gradual, giving you total control over the final look of your teeth.

How it Works

Initial Consultation

Before undergoing Zoom™ Whitening, you will have an assessment with the team at Malvern Dental and Smile Design so we can decide together whether this is the right sort of cosmetic dentistry program for you.

Whitening Treatment

During the treatment, a tooth whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide is first carefully applied to your teeth. Then your teeth are exposed to a Zoom lamp for three fifteen minute periods (45 minutes in total), during which time the lamp breaks down the hydrogen peroxide and releases oxygen. This is how stains are bleached away. The results of a Zoom™ Whitening treatment session can be seen straight away.

Teeth & Gum Check

Although Boutique Whitening is a home teeth whitening treatment, the first step is a consultation with the team at Malvern Dental and Smile Design. We will check your teeth and gums to ensure the treatment is right for you, restoring any cavities that you might have. At this first consultation, we will also take moulds which are used for the creation of your personalised whitening trays. While waiting for your trays to be made, you will start to use a specially formatted, extra sensitive whitening toothpaste as a means of preparing your teeth ahead of the treatment.

Implement Plan

Once your trays have been completed, you can start to use Boutique Whitening at home (either By Day or By Night, depending on your treatment plan). With regular use, you will start to see your new smile emerging in two to three weeks.

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